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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pre Order - Levi´s® Vintage Clothing 201, 505 & 501Z Jeans Rigid (Page 1)

As Salam dan Selamat Sejahtera semua... Kat bawah disenaraikan pre order jeans untuk Levi´s® Vintage Clothing (LVC) model 201, 505 & 501Z Jeans Rigid. Harga berbeza ikut jenis dan jangan terkejut sebab harga Levi's LVC memang lebih tinggi berbanding Levi's biasa yang bukan LVC. Boleh try check sendiri di butik untuk kepastian. Untuk pre order Levi's biasa (bukan jenis LVC) yang lebih murah, boleh juga roger saya untuk chit chat.

Komen: Ini adalah pre order jeans. Untuk tempahan, sila roger dahulu untuk check harga terkini dan availability size. Kebiasaannya akan mengambil masa kurang 2 minggu sebelum sampai ke Malaysia. Syarat pembelian sama seperti yang tertulis dalam entry: Servis Pembelian Jeans

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P/S: Kalau SMS tu tak berbalas, maknanya tuan tanah tak ada kat darat, so handphone pun jadi tak aktif. Kalau tak ada respond, silalah email atau hantar Facebook message.
Terima kasih...

*Klik gambar untuk lihat size gambar yang lebih besar
Levi´s® Vintage Clothing 1920 201 Jeans Rigid

Originally launched as a cheaper alternative to the 501 jeans. It was made from what was perceived at the time to be a lower grade fabric, hence the number 2(01). The characteristic black painted donut suspender buttons, the linen 201 cloth patch and the higher curved Arcuate differentiate these jeans from the 501 jeans at this time.

-Style: 1920 201 Jean Rigid
-Color: Indigo
-Blue Selvedge, deep red cast denim
-Original 02 3x1 RHT fabric
-Comfort loose fit. Very roomy top block
-Large grade back pockets
-Crotch rivet
-Exposed back pockets rivets
-Cinch back, belt loops and brace buttons
-Black coated donut buttons
-Linen cloth patch with black and red print
-High curved Arcuate
-Made in USA
-Sizing: Runs 1" smaller than tag size, e.g. W32 is measured 31" (example)


Levi´s® Vintage Clothing 1967 505 Jeans Rigid

Made from one of the first pre-shrunk denim jeans created by the Levi's brand, the slimmer styling of 505 jeans captured a trend of the day. A 1960's style icon, the 505 jean still has a huge following today. The 1967 version keeps the copper waistband button and the two-sided capital "E" red Tab.

-Style: 1967 Jean Dry Goods 505xx
-Color: Indigo
-14.5oz Pre-shrunk Red Selvedge denim
-Kaihara Japanese fabric
-Customization: slimmed down in the leg to create a true slim fit
-Bore Two Horse leather like patch, only belt loops
-Double - sided Big E red tab
-Made in Turkey
-Sizing: True to Size


Levi's® Vintage Clothing 1954 501Z Jeans Rigid

The 1950's brought a rebellious youth revolution in which icons such as Marlon Brando gave denim, and particular the 501, an iconic status. In the mid 1950's Levi Strauss & Co. became a national phenomenon. In order to make potential consumers comfortable with the company's products, LS&Co. introduced a zipper version of the button fly shrink to fit jeans in 1954: the 501Z. It had everything longtime wearers loved: the silhouette, the tough but flexible fabric, rivets, etc. Retailers carried both the 501 and its zippered brother, the 501Z, and everyone got the pair of Levi's jeans that worked best for them.

-Style: 1954 XX 501Z
-Color: Indigo
-13.75oz Red Selvedge denim
-Slim fit
-Two Horse Leather Patch
-"E" Red Tab
-Double needle Arcuate
-Made in the USA

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