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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Evisu Heritage Selvedge Jeans W34

Brand / Type: Evisu Heritage Selvedge Jeans Kepala Kain Merah Putih

Label Tag: Inside label tag W34"

Manual Measurement: W34"-35", Inseam: 33", Outseam: 42"

- Good condition, no hole.
- Lambang seagull kat poket belakang dah hilang @ pudar / Seagull paint at back pocket already fade.
Semua button fly ada tulisan " EVISU" / All button fly have the word "EVISU"
- Inside rivet pun tulis "EVISU" / Inside rivet also wrote "EVISU"
Kepala kain warna merah putih / Selvedge red line & white line
- Kaki jeans chain stitch / Jeans leg still chain stitch
- Pai kulit / Leather patch
- Dapat dari pemilik salon rambut dari USA, jadinya ada sedikit bulu tak dikenali. Tapi dah dibuang mana yang boleh.
- Made in China. (Menurut seorang collector Evisu dari USA yang aku tanya, "No Evisu jeans purchased from website Evisu or other authorized retailer that are manufactured for sale in the USA are made in Japan. With the exception of Italian made Evisu European editions are made in Hong Kong or simply, China. Some 2009 - present Evisu jeans from aforementioned website are made in Macau". Harap dapat menjawab pertanyaan sama ada jeans ni original atau tak).
Price: RM SOLD. Terima kasih Cikgu!

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  1. ni bukan evisu japan..ni maybe evisu itali.yg japan jgk cun

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